CyberPDX has been running, in some form, for 6 years. We started as a CyberDiscovery camp bringing high school teachers and their students together for a combined 1-week intensive cybersecurity camp on the Portland State Campus. Today, our unique interdisciplinary program focuses on professional development for middle and high school teachers interested in bringing cybersecurity and computing into their courses, no matter what subject they teach.

While a single week is a limited amount of time for in-depth instruction, our camp offers newcomers a strong foundation in basic computing & cybersecurity, and provides opportunities for returning campers to continue to grow their skillset and develop their professional networks in the Pacific Northwest region. Teachers from our camp have done everything from launch new semester-long cybersecurity electives to integrating mini-cryptography lessons in art and history classes.

2020 – Camp overview poster for SIGCSE 2020 [PDF]


You can read more about our camp’s history and approach in these publications: