2019 Camp Materials

Selected materials from our interdisciplinary 2019 professional development camp for middle and high school teachers.

Literature Circles

A set of activities for engaging students in exploring the GenCyber Concepts through young adult fiction, poetry, and watercolor.

Programming Thread

  • micro:bit Programming: an introduction to programming for beginners and teachers of beginners that uses the micro:bit programming environment

Cryptography Thread

Icebreaker Ideas

In 2018 and 2019, our teachers designed ice-breakers to connect with the GenCyber Concepts. Some of these ideas are listed below:

  • Defense in Depth: divide participants into groups, and give each group 5 minutes to build a defense for a pyramids of paper cups. Rotate groups and allow others to throw paper balls at the defended pyramids. Debrief with discussion about which defenses worked the best and why.
  • Integrity:
  • Confidentiality: get-to-know-you information sharing activity with phishing mini-lesson [detailed directions]